Alessandra is a photographer based in Milan . 

Born with a great talent for photography. She has always cultivated this passion by attending schools and masters that bring her in around the world.

Work with the largest international creative agencies and partecipating in events and exhibitions.

She has characteristic styles mix of colors, sensuality and irony, leads her to draw photos whit erotic trait, becoming a particular interpreter of the most prestigious brands.

Its real strength is its vocation to make every new trend its own, accompanied by a maniac perfectionism and cool hunting.

Collaborates whit clients in fashion, lingerie, jewelry for editorial and campaigns advertising.

Her selected clients include:

Alysi  fashion SrL

Aquazzura Firenze

Armando Testa Milano


American Express

BMG Edizioni Musicali

Chimento jewelry

Claudio Botta Advertising

Confezioni Foce Firenze

Essedi Alta Moda Spose

Fontana Milano 1915

GB Pedrini

Gianni Chiarini

Gruppo Land Rover

Gruppo intimo italiano SrL

Johnson & johnson ADV

JK Shoes

j.Walter Thompson Milano

Kiara jewelry

Le spose di Maria Grazia Sirressi

Liliana Galli Graphic Designer

Lise Charmel Parigi

Lusso Artigiano eyewear

Magazzini del Sale Accessories

Mc Cann Ericson Milano

Miluna gioielli

Miss Bikini srl

Nussenblatt international Jewelry

Photogroup Service Milano

Picci srl

Pin Up beachwear


Playtex lingerie


Procter & Gamble

Robert Friedman Abbigliamento

Saatchi & Saatchi Milano

Sambuca Molinari

Sarli Alta Moda

Studio RDP di Roberto Da Pozzo

The Flexx shoes

The interior Design Milano

Tocco Magico srl

Yukiko jewerly

Universo edizioni musicali

Unoaerre Jewerly

Valery SpA

Virgin Edizioni Musicali

Women Collection by Carla Pozzi